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We offer a wide range of services from export import solutions to establishing the market.

We support those who are struggling to find new markets for their products.


First of all the product evaluation is necessary this is to verify if the product meet all the requirements made the government of Canada. The products will be analysed and all the drawbacks and benefits will be analyse throughly before its being exported in order to avoid any loss to the clients.

Positioning and Marketing.

Once the analyis part is done it will give an overall picture of the current market value of the similar product by which we could get a clear view of the mamimum overall cost. Will help in positioning the product and find the retailes or wholesalers before the product is being exported.

Customs Clearance.

Experienced customer brockers will be provided for proper documentation and customs clearance of the products.

Product Stocking.

Warehouse spaces will be arranged for the products with respect to the storage needs.


The product transportaion will be done to the wholesales or retailers in proper vechicles.

  • Product Analysis

    Analysing the product and comparing it with respect to Canadian Standard Requirements.

  • Market Analysis

    How well can we place the product in North American market.

  • Export Solutions

    Export agent help as well as importing, customs brocker arrangement.

  • Product Launch

    Stocking the product and finding retailers or wholesalers.